About Us

Barcelona Photography Courses are taught by Ben Evans, an award-winning English photographer and author of the best-selling ebook, Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know. Ben leads our Practical Photography Tours, Classes and our incredibly popular Barcelona Photo Walk.

Ben Evans

Ben is an English photographer, writer and teacher. He has photographed as far afield as Bosnia and Sierra Leone. His deep understanding of the technical aspects of photography, from advanced exposure right the way to the darkroom and Photoshop, allows him to focus on the Art of photography, and it is these two fundamentals that he aims to teach with Holistic Photography. Ben has published Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know, Bread and Bulls (Poems and Fine Art Photographs), and has two more books on the way.

You can see some of Ben’s award-winning work, including his portrait, landscape, documentary and fine art portfolios at www.EnglishPhotographer.com along with philosophical articles and photography tutorials. Ben uses the Nikon D2Xs and an antique Hasseblad 500cm, both of which have been used by NASA in space; but he challenges his clients to present him with the least capable cameras in order to prove that it is the artist’s ‘eye’ and training that matters, not his tools.

We genuinely look forward to meeting you; most of our alumni enjoying keeping in touch as friends after their experiences in Barcelona. Find out for yourself why clients rave about our coaching, while improving your ability to take beautiful photographs and make the most of your camera. Save your place now with the contact form below or email us at info@BarcelonaPhotographyCourses.com!