Christmas Vouchers!


Do you know anyone who’s passionate about photography?

How about someone who you just know would really enjoy photography a whole lot more if they had the essential techniques handled. Think about your own experience; everything is so much more fun when you know what you’re doing.

We’ve taught highly reviewed private photography courses around the world. Our alumni include professional photographers, tourists with iPhones, top CEOs and celebrities even your parents would have heard of. Because most of our students are very busy, we’ve focussed on making the most time-efficient course available, anywhere. We’re grateful to be able to say that people fly in to take our Holistic Photography course. Our unique difference is that it makes a ‘life-changing’ (their words, not ours) impact on their photography, and how they see the world, in four or eight concentrated hours of one-to-one tuition.

Christmas is a busy time for us as people think about helping the people in their lives really step up their photography to the next level. Some just seem to have a good ‘eye’ with an iPhone who’d benefit learning pure photography, while others are getting a new camera for Christmas and want to get the best foundations possible so they can build their skill efficiently. Other clients buy for themselves; they have personal, artistic or financial goals with their photography they want to realise in the New Year. We’ve had clients from 8 years old through to 80!

Whatever your own reasons, and whoever you personally have in mind, we’re happy to offer these Barcelona Photography Courses vouchers to you as the perfect present this year.

Who do you have in mind?

Who do you have in mind?


Why give the gift of an experience over more things?

  • Experiences make people much happier than things (ref. Elite Daily, ‘We are the sum total of our experiences’)
  • The best experiences we have are when we feel like we’re moving forward and expressing ourselves. Photography courses!
  • Cameras and lenses break or become outdated. Knowledge only gets better with practice.
  • There’s no environmental footprint to practical courses, unlike the majority of material gifts.
  • The gift that gives back – a trained photographer is always useful at parties, weddings, for portraits and more.
  • For example, one student took just two half-day courses as a total beginner, and recently got paid thousands for a multi-day destination wedding.
  • Highly rated private, bespoke photography courses in Barcelona (Learn More Here)
  • The perfect present for amateur or professional photographers and especially for someone who you just know would enjoy photography.
  • Buy Now and get it fast. No trip to the shops or waiting for a delivery van. You’ll get a voucher you can send them by email, print for them or even share on their Facebook wall.

Get the Holistic Photography Essentials Course Now

(Four hours of 1 to 1 photography tuition, ‘Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know’ book, a year’s supply of photography advice and all drinks during the course)

Complete Your Payment HERE – £180/ 250eur

Get the Holistic Photography Plus Course Now

(Eight hours of 1 to 1 photography tuition, ‘Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know’ book, a year’s supply of photography advice and all drinks during the course)

Complete Your Payment HERE – £290 / 400eur

Any questions before you book – let me know!