• Interview with Ben, Barcelona Photography Courses

    Just released, English photographer and chief coach Ben has shared his thoughts and secrets about fashion photography for models and photographers in a recent interview for Model Management. This was after photographing their world finalists in the famous international modelling competition, Fresh Faces, held this year in Barcelona’s design museum. Discover more by clicking HERE, and if you’d like to learn the techniques used to make photographs like this for yourself, get in touch with us with the contact form below!


    Laia, the Spanish model finalist

  • Fashion Photography in Barcelona

    Fotografia de Moda en Barcelona!

    Really enjoyed teaching fashion photography in Barcelona. Lots of great photographers capturing some beautiful fotos de moda of our four excellent models, who were beautifully made up by Katie Donoghue. We photographed with a street/ city/ urban theme around the Glories area near the Torre Agbar. It’s undergoing a lot of regeneration and there is some amazing new architecture like the Mercat del Encants and the Can Framis museum. Let us know which photos you like and we’ll explain exactly how to create similar photographs with your camera on one of our bespoke photography courses, right here in Barcelona!

  • Barcelona Architectural Photography

    In August, we explored Poble Nou, 22@ and the Torre Agbar at Glories for some architectural photography with our Barcelona PhotoWalk. We were joined by several architects and an architectural photographer too.  Ben Evans, from taught several techniques for better photos of architecture.

  • Barcelona Hyperlapse

    Love this hyperlapse video of Barceloana by Rob Whitworth!

  • Barcelona Photography – Our Free Guide!

    We’ve just published our free guide to Photography in Barcelona! Check it out to find out what to do in Barcelona, where’s best to take pictures, how to improve your photography, more information about our courses and also the photography resources we love most here in Barcelona. Let us know what else you’d like to see for the next update 🙂

  • 26th April – Holistic Photography: From Shot to Hit



    Really excited about this – Julia Hernandez, internationally renowned Barcelona photographer, has agreed to share her unique approach to editing with Photoshop and Lightroom… which has taken decades to perfect. You will learn every secret technique that allows her to consistently achieve ‘Popular’ ratings on 500px; and that makes her photography in demand worldwide.

    But I didn’t want this to just be a show and tell. This won’t be a look through her impressive portfolio with a few comments from the artist. I wanted this to be a one-workshop solution to take your photography and editing to the next level. I asked Julia to create something particularly special for you, and she’s really over-delivered! You will get a brand-new ‘Golden Key’ action when you come that will make amazing effects quick and easy to achieve;

    Step 1: Load the photograph
    Step 2: Play the Golden Key action
    Step 3: Tweak the various layers
    Step 4: Done!

    Now I’ve spent lots on Actions online in the past, and ended up confused by all the various settings and adjustments. Most of my photography is done in-camera because of that! Julia actually edited a couple of my photographs and they were instantly Popular when I posted them on



    But I didn’t know how to replicate the effects until Julia taught me how to edit photographs personally. I didn’t want this to happen this time, so I’ve asked Julia to walk through each step and carefully explain why it’s there and what it does; so you can completely customize the look so your finished photographs show your own personal style, not hers.


    Casanova Foto, the #1 photography shop in Barcelona, have also agreed to host the class in their teaching studio. This means we’ll be able to watch every single step Julia does on a huge screen while she explains how she edits. Huge thanks to Casanova for this!

    Specifically, you will learn;

    How to achieve incredible effects quickly and efficiently. Julia used to edit one photograph for weeks like painting a masterpiece – but has now managed to get this down to less than 30 minutes! She will share exactly how she does this so you can do it too.

    How to professionally retouch skin to achieve the precise balance between perfect and natural.

    • Which tools are essential, and which you can save money by avoiding

    • When to use Lightroom and when to choose Photoshop, and why

    • The complete Lightroom approach to editing multiple photographs


    • The ultimate way to edit a single image using Photoshop including…

    • Non-destructive editing

    • Adjustment layers

    • Custom brushes

    • Digital dodging and burning

    • Applying focus effects

    • The best plugins, including getting the best from Google’s Nik Color Efex Pro

    • The Holistic philosophy to editing; achieving that perfect relationship between applying the techniques you will learn and creating amazing, unique images that come from you.

    Sounds amazing right! Now, we wanted to make this a complete course; something like a magic pill that would give you the complete framework to make competition-winning images. And editing is obviously a major part of that, and one that the vast majority of photographers are missing, but equally important is the photography itself.


    Therefore, I’m going to personally teach a class in the morning so that we can go through the exact, practical techniques to create amazing images in-camera. Moreover, we’ll be using some incredible off-camera lighting and modifiers, and I’ll explain exactly what to get, why, and how to use it; whatever your budget!

    I spent 400 Euros on Nikon’s top camera flash; only to find that you can get exactly the same results with a flash that’s a fraction of the price – you’ll learn what to get, and what to avoid so you get the best possible return on your investment; this alone has saved several of my private clients hundreds of Euros! In particular, I’ll share the specific things you can get to create amazing lighting with even compact cameras. No need to hire photographers when you can make amazing pictures yourself!


    The idea is to give you the complete structure that a professional photographer uses to make amazing photographs, so you can always make fantastic pictures for family or friends; or indeed start making money with your camera by freelancing!

    Specifically, you will learn;

    • How to ‘see’ light – and understand how to use it creatively in your pictures

    • The difference between hard and soft light, and when to use each one

    • The master-guide to using natural light in your photographs

    • Using reflectors and finding natural reflectors for award-winning lighting

    Barcelona wedding photographer - English Photographer London


    • Choosing a flash, getting it off-camera and creating beautiful lighting effects

    • How to adjust your camera to use it with flashes – and the best way to balance your flashes with the ambient light for beautifully subtle lighting effects

    • Learning from the master painters; Rembrandt lighting, broad and short lighting for portraits

    • Which lenses are the best choices for specific images, and why

    • How to get amazing bokeh blurry background effects

    • Achieving a dreamy, ethereal look in-camera with a few simple techniques

    • How to pose and interact with your subjects for engaging portraits

    And after all that I imagine we’ll be hungry! So we’re going to have a big lunch at the Braseria Cátedra – included in the price!

    Starters to choose from; grilled spicy sausage, roasted vegetables with tuna and anchovies, salad (lettuce, tomato, egg, tuna, asparagus, cucumber and carrot) or foie mousse with goat cheese and tomato.

    Main course to choose from; oak-grilled beef steak (300 g) with baked potato, grilled lamb (200 g) with potatoes and peppers, Iberian sirloin (250 g) with baked potato or roast cod llauna with Sant Pau beans.

    Drink to choose from; water, soda, beer or glass of Rioja.

    Dessert to choose from; Crema Catalana, mel I mato, lemon sorbet or Sacher cake

    And after lunch, it’s a short walk up to Casanova Foto – and I’m going to share a few of my favourite locations to shoot in on the way.

    Barcelona engagement, proposal and wedding photography in English photographer

    Then, we’ll meet Julia, and go through everything about editing with Photoshop and Lightroom to complete what we learned in the morning. But crucially, we will be editing the best images that we made in the morning. This really allows you to see exactly how a winning photograph is made from start to finish… from shot, to hit!

    Start at 9:30am on Saturday 26th April 2014
    Lunch! Included in the price
    Meeting Julia at Casanova Foto around 4pm – she will teach until 7-8pm!
    Finished – and social drinks!

    Price: 250 euros including lunch, the special Holistic Photography ‘Golden Key’ Photoshop action created for and explained in the course, half a year’s access to unbiased equipment recommendations and photography advice via Skype/email and a secret bonus!

    There will be plenty of time for questions and answers during the day, and we’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have after the workshop when you’re putting everything into practice!

    One more thing – The first EIGHT people to sign up will each receive a special Bonus! It’s something that every professional photographer has, and that will make a immediate, stunning improvement to your photographs.

    Email us at info *at* right now to save your place and receive full details!
    barcelona photography course april 2014

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