Celler Can Roca World’s Best Restaurant Officially near Barcelona!


A love of photography and the arts seems to go hand in hand with an appreciation of fine food cooked magnificently by artisans. Barcelona with its Catalan culture of Mediterranean cuisine has a generous helping of world-class restaurants.

Catalunya’s star chef Ferran Adria has the best restaurant in the world, El Bulli several miles North of Barcelona. This restaurant booked up years in advance and closed for half the year for cutting edge research for new dishes and reinventing traditional ones.

Well we’re very pleased that Barcelona once again is well located next to the world’s new best restaurant, El Celler Can Roca which once again is North of Barcelona in the heart of Catalunya.

Barcelona is near the world's new Best Restaurant, El Celler Can Roca in Girona, Catalunya, Spain.

Bottle and bottles of fine wine at El Celler Can Roca

El Celler Can Roca is close to Girona, a beautiful city in its own right. In fact, Girona equals Catalunya for Fine Art architectural photography and is an amazing place to spend a wedding, honeymoon or just a weekend getaway. It’s one of our favourite places for travel photography in Spain!

Now it’s possible to pair up a visit taking pictures of Girona and enjoy a meal in the best restaurant in the world too. You’ll need to book up far far in advance as tables are highly desirable and sought after.

Congratulations to the three brothers Joan, Josep and Jordi who run El Celler Can Roca restaurant!

Can Sunyer 48,

17007 Girona

+34 972 22 21 57