Barcelona Photography Courses: Barcelona Honeymoon & Portrait Photographer

Hire a Barcelona Photographer

Because we host photography courses in Barcelona for amateurs and professional photographers alike, you know that we really know what we’re doing; so you can simply relax and enjoy the good moments. Need a photographer for an event or conference? Very popular in Barcelona; they are a speciality.

Maybe you’d like to take the opportunity to get some proper professional photographs done with Barcelona as the backdrop; we certainly have strong demand for pro model portfolios, but equally, people just like you need great portrait photos for Facebook, family, work and just for fun!

Poble Espanyol Portrait Photographer Barcelona Photography Courses
Barcelona model portrait photography for portfolio pictures

Corporate & Congress photography in Barcelona

Barcelona is world-famous for its congresses and conventions, like the Mobile World Congress 2015. We’ve taken care of photography for big corporations like Procter and Gamble and worked with PR agencies to make sure that the huge effort (and expense) that is put into these events in Barcelona is shown professionally to the world. We have the largest community of English-speaking photographers in Southern Europe (more than 1.500) so we can scale up to any size event, including motion coverage with videographers, interviews and reporting.

events photographer Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2014 Corporate Videographer

Barcelona Corporate Events Photography

Barcelona Events Advertising English Photographer

Honeymoon and Engagement photography

in Barcelona is incredibly popular too – it’s a beautiful city for love and romance with the cool sea and ancient streets. Couples’ photography is a great way to preserve those precious moments with a special somebody; and makes a thoughtful, lasting gift.
Holiday (or Vacation!) photography in Barcelona covers several genres, and we do (and teach!) all of them; so you can feel free to let us know what you need 🙂

Ben, our lead Barcelona photographer and instructor, has a wealth of photographic experience in many different disciplines, from commercial photography, editorial photography, real estate and events photography; but Ben specialises in Fine Art and Portrait photography in Barcelona.

Baby photos Barcelona Children Photographer Pictures
Barcelona Portrait Photography, Picture of a Catalan Artist
Model Portfolio Modelling Pictures Barcelona

Wedding Photography in Barcelona

Looking for wedding planners, make up artists, florists, musicians or wedding venues in Barcelona. Hire a photographer who knows the best and can recommend them as part of a complete Barcelona wedding photography package. It’s a beautiful place to get married!

Barcelona wedding photographer - English Photographer London

Barcelona Wedding Photographer

Barcelona wedding photographer - English Photographer Venice

Vacation and Instagram Photographer in Barcelona

If you’re in Barcelona, make sure you get some amazing pictures while you’re here! The best way to do that is to put the selfie stick away and hire a professional photographer to show you around and unobtrusively create some amazing images to take home, and share with friends and fans on social media.






Y si quieres, tenemos lo mismo en Castellano 🙂

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