So you’d like to improve your photography? Although we’re the biggest advocate of study and practice as a path to better pictures, there is really no substitute for personal, interactive tuition. Here are your options:



Our Photography Master-Classes allow you to focus on what you want to learn most. For example, you can supercharge your progress in a favourite genre or master a tricky camera technique.

  • Very Focussed
  • Lots of Choice
  • Highly Specific
  • Pick and Choose Your Genres

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Holistic Photography Essentials

In Four Hours, you can learn the essentials of Holistic Photography. This gives you the strongest foundations and the most efficient framework to build on, driving your development.

  • Our Most Popular Option!
  • Perfect Balance of Craft and Art
  • Measurable Impact on Your Photography

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Holistic Photography Initiation

If you are in the fortunate position to invest the time necessary, you can become a Holistic Photography initiate. This one-to-one course is tailored to your unique strengths and style. It will change the way you see the world.

  • Incorporates The Latest Learning Techniques
  • The Ultimate Investment in Your Photography

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‘The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.’ – Proust
Learn Photography Book - Barcelona Photo Courses

All photography courses come with a free copy of the best-selling eBook,

Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know

All courses include the drinks during the theory lessons, which we hold in some of the most unique cafés and bars in Barcelona.

The Holistic Photography Essentials and Initiation courses include a year’s access to photography advice & unbiased equipment recommendations via Email/Skype.

‘Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon.’ – Rumi

Details: Prices, Durations and Topics


Masterclasses are a highly focussed two hours of practical tuition on location. They are €150 per person, with a maximum class size of six photographers.

You can choose from a range of genres including professional portrait photography, street photography, night photography, film photography, architectural photography and more; just ask! We’re also happy to go over post-processing and Photoshop tuition with your own laptop if you wish.

So what will you learn? We can teach to any level or genre of photography (except deep-sea diving) so the choice really is yours.

Holistic Photography Essentials

The Holistic Photography Essentials course is a perfectly balanced blend of theory and practice. It is a four hour time investment, and can be booked for the morning, afternoon or night, seven days a week including holidays; we love what we do!

This maximum availability policy enables us to keep the class sizes small; often completely private. We are happy to ensure that you (and your group) will have the coaching to yourselves. This flexibility gives you the luxury of choice; course content, location, pace and everything else. No following the herd with a number stuck on you like a common photo tour here!

Alumni, who have included international VIPs (we’re sworn to secrecy), have compared the Holistic Photography Essentials course to ‘drinking from a fire-hose’ of photography knowledge. Rest assured, even if this is just a photography course you complete on holiday, it will make a massive difference to your photography forever.

The Holistic Photography Essentials course is €250 for the four hours of private tuition, a year’s worth of photography advice and unbiased equipment recommendations via Email or Skype and of course your copy of Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know (optimised for Apple’s iPad Retina but it looks superb on any colour screen).

We recommend creating a photography portfolio with a few favourite pictures at before joining us; this allows us to tailor the course to your own strengths and style. We teach a range of genres so let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll equip you with the expertise for excellence.

Holistic Photography Initiation

How many driving lessons have you taken recently? Probably none. When I learned to drive, years ago now, I completed an intensive course. And that was it. After you’re ‘learned to drive’ you can teach yourself the rest; or discover the higher disciplines of rally or race-car driving.

And it’s the same with Holistic Photography. An intensive course will give you a complete understanding of photography to a level of achievement better than 99% of people. Then you can specialise or teach yourself.

Getting this area of your life handled equips you with another skill, another means of personal expression, which you’ll keep forever. As experiences make you wiser, so your photography will continue to evolve and deepen.

For some, a course or classes just can’t give you the personal attention or mastery that you want. And in the same way that you can hire a ski-instructor for private lessons, you can commission your own photography coach.

We know from past experience that upgrading to more expensive skis didn’t improve our performance on the mountain. Tuition makes the difference. Investing in personal photography tuition will improve your photography far more than buying another new camera or lens.

While we’re flexible, most people like to join us for at least 50 hours of tuition. We’ve found about two weeks, usually with full (8 hours) or half (4 hours) day coaching, is the best option. One-to-one coaching is €50ph when you book more than 12 hours, and €35ph when you choose more than 30 hours.

The Holistic Photography Initiation aims to accomplish two things. First, to give you mastery of the photographic craft to a standard that’s better than 99% of people. Second, to give you control of your future development. Are you a professional photographer or looking to become one? We can hone your personal style.

Want someone to ensure you get the best photographs of the most interesting places while you’re in Barcelona? This is your option. The Essentials course has to focus completely on developing your understanding. It’s very intense because it’s so concentrated; the Initiation can be more relaxed, so we work on your portfolio too.

For all of these possibilities, you can take charge today by emailing

What Is Holistic Photography?

We’ve identified four key pillars of great photography; they are the best structure for the stable and efficient development of your Art, and you will be taught them directly during the courses.

Holistic Photography Idea Fine Art Photography CoachingHolistic Photography Light Fine Art Photography CoachingHolistic Photography Composition Fine Art Photography CoachingHolistic Photography Timing Fine Art Photography Coaching
Completing our courses gives you the best foundation to build on, and irons out any factors that might currently be undermining your photography.

You will improve your photography faster and more efficiently, saving your time and your money. With the skills you will learn, you can really get the most out of your camera.

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