Valencia – Las Fallas

Every year, the people of Valencia compete to make towering hand-painted statues as tall as the buildings they nestle between. When Valencia native Modes offered to host us and show us around, we packed up the cameras and off we went!

Barcelona photography courses take photos of las fallas in Valencia

Amazing work by the Valencians, pretty straightforward work by the photographer (Ben)!

Las Fallas Valencia Photos Spain photography courses

All the work done by the sculptors, but a monochrome cyan tint adds mood

There was a lot going on, and Valencia itself is a beautiful background for the photographs. For street photography, it seemed like a mix between Barcelona and Madrid. It’s smaller than both cities, and less touristic, which was a good change.


The quest was for photographs that went beyond the normal photos that just preserved what other people had created.

If you want to know a place, focus on the people


Focus on the details; always a useful technique

But really our favourite photos of Las Fallas didn’t just use them as subjects in themselves, but as material for artistic expression.

Symbolism has always been the basis of Art

Symbolism has always been the basis of Art

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