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Holistic Photography Essentials

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Work On Your Craft And Develop Your Art

What You Will Learn On Your Holistic Photography Essentials Course

We believe that great photography is the ‘expression of an artistic vision with technical competence’.

Therefore, we focus on both the techniques and meaning within four main areas. This blend of Craft and Art is Holistic Photography; the philosophy of Learning to See.

The Holistic Photography Quartet

  1. Idea

    What inspires your photography? We will identify your unique vision and motivation, and enhance it by learning about relevant cultural frameworks.

  2. Light

    What it is; colour, strength, character. You’ll learn how to capture it with your camera. Creative use of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO Sensitivity. How to use custom White Balance creatively.

  3. Composition

    How to express your thoughts and feelings in your photographs. Depth of Field and Selective Focus. We cover the artistic heritage of aesthetics; the Rule of Thirds, the Golden Mean and more.

  4. Timing

    When to take the best picture; the Decisive Moment. How to capture movement, including Panning and techniques to freeze moments in time.

‘Above all, life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference’ – Robert Frank

What Else You’ll Learn

There are some specific tips that always prove popular. You will also be given control of…

Barcelona Photography Courses Portrait Pictures Bokeh Blurry Backgrounds

Blurry Backgrounds and Bokeh

Barcelona Silky Smooth Misty Water Falls Learn Technique Photo Pictures

Silky Smooth Water Technique

How to master creative lens flare technique in Barcelona for beautiful pictures

How To Master Creative Lens Flare

Barcelona Superyacht Pictures and Luxury Photography Tuition

How To Freeze Fast Action

And more, including:

Overt and Covert Street Photography techniques, Posing People for Pro Portraiture and Fashion Photography, RAW vs Jpeg, Which Shooting Mode to Choose, How to Carry and Look After Your Camera, Which Lenses and Accessories Are Really Worth the Investment, and How to Make Your Viewers Respond Emotionally To Your Pictures.
‘I looked through a lens and ended up abandoning everything else.’ – Sebastiao Salgado

Alumni, who have included international VIPs (we’re sworn to secrecy), have compared the Holistic Photography Essentials course to ‘drinking from a fire-hose’ of photography knowledge. Rest assured, even if this is just a photography course you complete on holiday, it will make a massive difference to your photography forever.

Your Holistic Photography Essentials Gold course is 250 Euros and includes Four Hours of one-to-one luxury private tuition, all drinks, and a year’s access to valuable photography advice, unbiased equipment recommendations and portfolio reviews via Email or Skype, and of course your copy of Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know (optimised for Apple’s iPad Retina but it looks superb on any colour screen). You could also choose the Plus course, which is a full day at Eight Hours, is 400 Euros and includes a hearty lunch in a great local restaurant.

You can start now by creating your photography portfolio with a few favourite pictures at www.500px.com; this allows us to tailor the course to your own strengths and style. You can email Ben directly at Ben@BarcelonaPhotographyCourses.com to discuss your photography and save your place.

Sunset in the Sea, Barcelona Photography Courses

So you’ve decided to complete the Holistic Photography Essentials Course with us? You’ve made a great decision. Now, you need to choose when you’d like to meet, and where. Most people enjoy exploring the Barri Gotico (Gothic Area) from the Apple Store in Placa de Catalunya, but it’s up to you!

Email us now to save you place, ask us any questions and tell us about any special requests you may have; we’ll be happy to help.

You can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours confirming your booking and giving you all the information you need for the course.

‘What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.’ – Karl Lagerfeld
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