Photography Masterclasses

The Holistic Photography Essentials Course or Masterclasses?

Choosing the Photography Courses will give you the fundamental principles of Holistic Photography, improving your photos whatever your skill level or choice of camera. This is our most popular option because it gives you the best framework for further practice and artistic growth.

Our Photographic Masterclasses are more specific. For two hours we will focus on improving key areas of your photography. We can practice fundamental or more tricky advanced techniques and give you a blueprint for practice.

Specialising allows us to give you detailed pro photographer tips that we simply haven’t got time to do in the Photography Essentials course. Masterclasses are the laser-precise catalyst for better pictures.

Recently, we’ve started offering camera-specific Masterclasses. Let us know which camera you’re using and we’ll ensure that you get the most out of your investment!

What To Choose?

Barcelona Photographers taking Photos of Barcelona
Perhaps you have a new camera and want to go beyond Auto mode. Our tuition allows you to unlock its potential and make the most of it. We can even teach you how to make amazing photos with an iPhone and Instagram!

Our Introduction to Photography Masterclass will give you the most important tools in photography; controlling the brightness using the exposure compensation button, and controlling the colours with the white balance.

Do you already have a pretty good understanding of photography and want to specialise? Perhaps you have a favourite genre that you know and love, and want to go deeper with our expert guidance.

Masterclasses allow you to take control and improve particular areas of your photography with minimal time and financial investment. For €150, you can transform your photography more than buying even the best camera or sharpest lens. And your knowledge only grows; lenses and cameras get scratched and superseded.

We offer a 25% discount for additional people who join you on the course. We also have a referrals program; just ask!

We cover the full-range of genres, so whether you’re interested in macro photographs of flowers or gritty street photography, we will equip you with the right expertise.

Coaching is one-on-one but you’re welcome to bring friends and family at additional cost. The maximum class size is six and we offer our teaching seven days a week; but be quick as popular days soon fill up.

‘I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good.’ – Anonymous

What Do I Get?

Our Courses and Masterclasses are held in native English (or Native Spanish if you prefer) and include:

  • Hands-on, intelligent photography tuition; we know our stuff and we love what we do, so you can ask us any questions that you might have about photography
  • Complete focus on you. We found that group learning with strangers is held back by the slowest or rushed forward by the fastest. You learn at your own pace; quickly, efficiently and enjoyably
  • The option to bring friends and family along. Photography is fun and makes a memorable day out, so you’re welcome to combine your masterclass with others. Additional people enjoy a 25% discount
  • Professional photographers to provide individual guidance and advice
  • Coffee breaks for discussion, instruction and reflection in some of the most interesting places in town (drinks on us!)
  • Informed and unbiased feedback and advice; just get in touch for comments on the photographs that you take on the course or with any questions that you might have.
  • Think now about which genre(s) or techniques you most want to cover with us in Barcelona. For example, here’s a snapshot of our most popular Masterclass:

    Street Photography in Barcelona – 150 Euros – Two Hours
    Barcelona Street Photography Masterclass Workshops for Better Pictures
    Very cool now and for good reason, street photography is a challenging genre that defies definition. You will be experiencing Barcelona life, learning to notice the characters and architecture that makes the City what it is. It’s a great way to explore and practice all aspects of your photography, and certainly gives a new camera a good workout!

    • Observational Techniques to Develop the Artist’s ‘Eye’
    • Overt and Covert People Photography
    • How to Make Breathtaking Black and White Photographs
    • What to Look Out For to Make Exceptional Pictures
    • How to Set the Custom White Balance
    • Why Manual Mode Can be Better
    • How to See and Make the Most of the Light
    • And more!

    What Should I Bring?

    As well as your camera and any lenses that you want to bring, you don’t need much; though a small notebook is useful. Compact cameras are fine to learn with; digital cameras are preferable but not essential. We’ll happily make equipment recommendations if you’re looking to buy. Make sure that you have plenty of batteries and space on your memory card as there’s a lot of practical photography!

    So you’ve decided to improve your photography with us? You’ve made a great choice. Now, you need to decide when you’d like to meet and which genre or techniques you want to master.

    Email us at when you’ve decided and we’ll reserve your space.