At Barcelona Photography Courses, we’re very proud and incredibly passionate about what we do. Here’s a few things people are saying about us…

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ML Leddy, USA, Currently Advising The Top Echelons in Afghanistan
‘I have been taking photos for about 45 years. I have done lots of darkroom work and have a pretty good working knowledge of technical photography. I came to Barcelona in July and sought out Ben to show me the best places to photograph.

I met with Ben twice over the course of my trip to Barcelona in July and was completely amazed by the breadth of his knowledge! Ben’s knowledge about light, shadow, contrast, and his exceptionally keen eye coupled with his very easy going personality and ability to share his knowledge in a down to earth manner make him a rare photography professional indeed! Even though I like to think I know quite a lot about photography, Ben taught me something new each time I have met with him.

More importantly, Ben is very adept at putting his concepts of photography in writing. Ben does a deep dive into researching his material for publication. Ben’s publications on photography are interesting, easy reads for newcomers to photography, but which make even experienced photographers step back and look at their work from a different and new perspective. I just came back to Barcelona for a second time and met up with Ben again. As with my first two visits with Ben, I take away more than I came with!

I believe Ben will be one of the names in photography that we will see for many years to come and continually improving the craft for all. I cannot recommend Ben highly enough. His enthusiasm for photography is contagious and his photographic work is simply some of the best I have ever seen.’

Daniela, Italy, Singer, Songwriter, Artist
‘I met Ben for a personal photography workshop in Barcelona.

I always loved taking pictures trying to express my feelings and the way I look at the world. Ben has been not only a teacher for improving technical skills, but also an incredible sensitive open minded person with a deeply emotional approach to the art of photography.

I think he is a “complete” teacher…taking care both of the brain and the heart which are behind photography… Furthermore he writes essays, articles, books, covering the whole multifaceted world of this unique art. Looking forward to have more workshops with him and keeping on exchanging ideas about the interest in Photography that we share.’

Alex, USA, Doctor
‘Ben is both a wonderful and genuine person and we enjoyed talking about art, photography, science, our travels, and life in general.

Ben sees the world around us in a special way that only a true artist can. He was gracious enough to share some of this vision with us while teaching us how to find beauty in the small things around us and how to frame shots while thinking about the types of light we can use.

He even gave us a fantastic impromptu lesson about lenses and exposure on his iPad. The best part was that we came out with some great shots of Barcelona and a new found knowledge about photography. Ben even sent us a nice follow-up message with some great touched up shots that we had taken on his camera.

This was by far our favorite event during our 3 week trip in Spain! I highly recommend booking a session with Ben! 5 stars!!!’

Yirk, Switerland
‘I booked Ben for a three hour course as a birthday present for my wife. He made it an unforgettable experience which we both will be able to make great use of in the years to come!

His insights in lightning techniques, camera use and general photographic ‘eye’ was superb. He showed us great places in Barcelona, especially La Boqueria was fantastic with all the colours and sights (and not to forget the fresh juices there!).

We can’t recommend Ben enough and will surely continue our education if we have the chance again. Thanks, Ben!’