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Photos of Gaudi’s Dragon – Güell Pavilions

Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi created many beautiful Modernist works, mainly for his patron Guell. The more obvious tourist attractions are high on the lists of every visitors Things To Do In Barcelona such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila and Parc Guell. But there are other really striking pieces of work/art that can make your pictures of Barcelona stand out from everyone elses. For example, this is Gaudi’s Dragon Gate in the Guell Pavilions in the Sarria district.


Also well worth a visit, but further out of Barcelona, is the Colonia Guell, which paid for a lot of the other beautiful buildings around Catalunya. There’s a Crypt there too, which while worth a visit, isn’t as photogenic as the amusing named abandoned Castillo del Diablo, or the Castle of Hell, which is nearby. It’s apparently the most haunted place in Spain, if you believe in that sort of thing; either way it’s an interesting, different location for photos in Barcelona. Know more? Let us know!